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RAM Mounts Wand-Halterung mit NFC Repeater - B-Kugel (1 Zoll), 4-Loch AMPS

164,40 €
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This NFC repeater dashboard mount with backing plate (RAM-B-101-225B-NFCU) consists of a NFC repeater, double socket arm, two 2.5" diameter round bases that contain the universal AMPS hole pattern, a 3" x 3" backing plate, and mounting hardware. The mount is designed with a 1" diameter rubber ball and socket system that features adjustment points at both ends of the double socket arm, allowing for near-infinite adjustability for ideal viewing angles. The NFC mount is ideal for transportation applications. Socket to socket length - 3" Hole pattern - 2-Hole AMPS 1.912" Ball size - B Size (1") Weight capacity - standard use 2 lbs, heavy-duty use 1 lb Materials - marine-grade aluminum, high strength composite.

Kugelgröße: B-Kugel (1 Zoll bis 0.9 kg)

Lochmaske: AMPS 4-Loch

Montage: Schrauben

UPC: 793442802904