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RAM Mounts Schraubklemmen-Set - B-Kugel (1 Zoll), Schraubklemme

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The RAM® Universal Post Clamp Mount with Round Plate - B Size Medium Arm (RAM-B-101U-247) is a mounting solution designed to secure small handheld devices to forklifts. This kit consists of one (1) double socket B size medium arm, one (1) round plate with B size ball, and one (1) square post clamp. The square post clamp will wrap around a square post with a maximum width of 4" and is tightened by screwing the two plates together with the included nuts and bolts. The RAM® rubber ball and socket technology dampens shock and vibration, as well as allows for almost infinite adjustment and perfect viewing angles. Clamp range - 1.75"-4" width Socket to socket length - 3" Hole pattern - 4-Hole AMPS 1.181" x 1.496", 3-Hole 120-Degree 1.812" Diameter Plate size - 2.5" Diameter Ball size - B Size (1") Weight capacity - Standard Use 2 lbs, Heavy-Duty Use 1 lb Materials - Marine-grade aluminum

Kugelgröße: B-Kugel (1 Zoll bis 0.9 kg)

Lochmaske: AMPS 4-Loch

Montage: Schrauben

UPC: 793442018633