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RAM-HOL-UN4-C-354-TRA1U RAM Mounts Set mit Finger Grip Universal

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This RAM® track mount for handheld radios (RAM-HOL-UN4-C-354-TRA1U) consists of a 1-inch B-size ball molded on a high-strength composite base, a rubber friction washer, and a stainless steel T-bolt that slides into any third-party track system or RAM® Tough-Track™ track series. Simply insert or slide the Track Ball™ into your track and turn clockwise to tighten. Turn it counterclockwise to loosen or adjust. Included is a long B-size base arm and a RAM® Finger-Grip™ for handheld radios with adjustable side arms for a form-fitting adjustment to your specific radio. This rail mount is ideal for mounting 2-way radios to the Jeep JL and Gladiator dash rail mount (RAM-DT-204-TRACK-A12U) and the new Ford Bronco dash rail mount (RAM-DT-207-TRACK-EXA-29BU). INCLUDES mounting hardware MOUNT DIMENSIONS Height range: Max. 18.41 cm (with optional supports) Width range: 3.17 cm - 8.89 cm Maximum depth: 3.81 cm DIMENSIONS OF T-BOLTS 1.21 cm x 2.41 cm LENGTH FROM BUSH TO BUSH 13.48 cm BALL SIZE B (2.54 cm ) WEIGHT CAPACITY Standard use: 0.907 kg Heavy-duty use:0.453 kg MATERIALS Marine-grade aluminum High-strength composite PACKAGING TYPE Polybag WEIGHT 0.530 kg

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