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Features Powered dock designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro with factory protective case Next gen charging with integrated pogo pin docking contacts that match the XCover6 Pro's pogo pads for a fumble-free charging experience and port-protection 2-hole AMPS hole pattern on the back of the dock to install a B or C Size RAM® diamond ball base Overview This RAM® EZ-Roll’r™ powered dock is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro with the factory protective case, and features two integrated pogo pins that provide charging capabilities to the device. While keeping the XCover6 Pro secure, the RAM® EZ-Roll’r™ powered dock also leaves the device’s buttons and cameras exposed and usable. For mounting, pair the dock with B or C size RAM® diamond ball bases. This powered dock receives power via USB Type A male pigtail and is compatible with the GDS® 2-port USB cigarette charger as well as the GDS® modular hardwire charger with USB Type A female connector. Product dimensions: Overall Height: 7.88" Overall Width: 3.63" Overall Depth: 1.63" Hole pattern: 2-Hole AMPS 1.912" Input connector: USB Type A Male Input cable length: 1.25 Meter Compliance: Made from ABS-V0 that conforms to UL 94-V0 flammability tests

Gerätehersteller: Samsung

Lochmaske: AMPS 2-Loch

Montage: Schrauben

Samsung Phone: XCover6 Pro

UPC: 793442901324