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RAM-GDS-ROTO2-ZE25U RAM Mounts GDS Roto-Mag für Zebra ET60 / ET65 Tablets

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This version of the GDS® Roto-Mag™ (RAM-GDS-ROTO2-ZE25U) is designed specifically for the Zebra ET60/ET65 tablet. This Zebra ET60/ET65 tablet accessory combines four ergonomic features in one; hand strap, kickstand, rotating hand grip, and magnetic mounting points. With a simple squeeze, the hand grip rotates 360-degrees and includes four built-in magnets covered with rubber for friction when mounting to flat ferromagnetic surfaces - ideal for a hands-free experience. The integrated kickstand is fully retractable and includes rubber feet for extra stability. With compatibility across all RAM® ET60/ET65 docks, this ET60/ET65 tablet accessory is a no-brainer add-on for a mobile workforce when upgrading tablets. Materials - High strength composite

Gerätehersteller: Zebra

Montage: Schrauben

Zebra Rugged PC: ET60 & 65

UPC: 793442017704