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RAM-D-247U-4-IN1 RAM Mounts Schraubklemme (stahlverstärkt) - D-Kugel (2,25 Zoll), bis 101,6 mm

109,90 €
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This square post mount is ideal for forklift mounting and consists of a 4" clamp base with a reinforced D size 2.25" ball for added security when mounting heavy devices. Attach any length D size socket arm, D size ball adapter and a device holder of your choosing for an ultra-rugged mounting solution for your forklift. While the base can support up to a maximum post width of 4", it can support and lesser width by rotating the base on the post, bringing the mounting bolts flush against the post.

Kugelgröße: D-Kugel (2.25 Zoll bis 2.7 kg)

Montage: Klemme

UPC: 793442014970