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RAM-B-138-SPO5U RAM Mounts Aufbau-Halterung für Spot X - B-Kugel (1 Zoll),

85,90 €
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The form-fitting, high-strength composite RAM EZ-Roll'r cradle for the SPOT X allows for the attachment of RAM components containing the universal AMPS hole pattern. With the device in the cradle, all buttons and the power port remain fully accessible. The RAM EZ-Roll'r cradle for the SPOT X is compatible and interchangeable with a wide range of RAM diamond ball bases. Included is a set of two nuts and bolts. Consists of a medium length B size 1" double socket arm, one 2.5" diameter round ball base, and one diamond ball base (both bases feature the universal AMPS hole pattern). The ball and socket system provides shock and vibration damping, and allows for near-infinite adjustability to achieve an ideal viewing and operating angle of your de

Kugelgröße: B-Kugel (1 Zoll bis 0.9 kg)

Lochmaske: AMPS 4-Loch

Montage: Schrauben

UPC: 793442101472